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Have you ever wondered why women are not identified

as the reflection of the Divine Mother God principle?


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For thousands of years (possibly more than ten thousand) women have been abused, devalued, and treated as a "species of a lesser kind"! Who decided that women are lesser than men? Why was that decision made? What purpose did the devalued position of women serve and still continue to serve even to this day?


"Spirituality and The Moon Cycle: The Women's Power Time & More"    is a powerfully written book by Shekhemt Ausart, a spiritual teacher, mother and counselor with more than 30 years of experience working with women, families and children. By acquiring this book, you will benefit in ways that could change your life for the foreseeable future.  Change the path of your life for the better and unfold your infinite potential.



Reflect on your life from your early years to the present.  How were you valued as a young woman when you were growing up?  Were you empowered and taught that you were important in your family and community?  Were you told in concrete ways that you were just as important as the male members of your family to society and the world? 


"Spirituality and The Moon Cycle: The Woman's Power Time & More"     will lead you on a path where you will find deep meaningful answers to these questions and so much more.  Practical techniques and first steps towards that journey and beyond.  If you want to help free other women and open minded men to a more balanced, fulfilling, and joyous life, you can't afford to NOT read this book!


"Spirituality and The Moon Cycle: The Woman's Power Time & More"    could possibly lead you to become a part of the revolution that will bring true equality between men and women on a national and international level.  This book will help you to see how important you are to the continuity of humanity, nature and the greater world!



 What people are saying about

"Spirituality and The Moon Cycle: The Woman's Power Time & More"!


"This book really addresses some of the major problems that exists with women on a global scale."

- J. Williams


"I found the techniques and enlightened seeds very helpful in uplifting my Spirit on a daily basis." 

- M. Black


"Every woman needs to read this book and get one for her daughter, sister, and friend too!"

-  E. Jones


"I was amazed at this concept of seeing myself as a Divine woman!"

- R.  Cameron

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